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SWEATER: Forever21

It’s a snowy day in Texas! Which, if you know anything about Texas, it’s not a sight you see very often in the winter! I couldn’t get a full outfit post, because my husband and I live in a 2nd story apartment, and we couldn’t walk down the icy steps! YIKES! But I did manage to get a couple of shots on our balcony! I seriously am IN LOVE with this faux fur jacket from Nasty Gal! Zach got it for me for Christmas and decided to give it to me early since it’s been very chilly here the past few days. And I honestly could not be happier! Today I paired it with my Batman sweater, because Batman & Catwoman. DUH! This jacket can seriously be styled with ANYTHING, and I can’t wait to style some different outfits to post for you guys! Just as soon as the ice melts away and I can leave my apartment! Hope y’all are enjoying this Wintery Wonderland!

Snowy in Neverland,

Whitney Paige


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