How to Get My Purple Locks AT HOME!





Dye: Manic Panic- Electric Amethyst

I’M BACK! As a Unicorn AND as a blogger. 🤗 It has been a very long time since I’ve posted on this blog. The explanation of why I’ve been gone so long is another post entirely that I will speak on soon.
Sooo let’s get into how I dyed my locks this amethyst purple at home!!

I knew that I wanted to use Manic Panic because A.) They are Vegan & Curelty Free. B.) Tory Savannah of Wish You Were North West always has beautiful purple hair and this is what she uses. I reached out to her and she was so helpful guiding me through the process of dying at home and how to get the desired color I wanted!

So the actual process is not too terribly hard. I would suggest if you have a friend, spouse or significant other to help make sure you get all of your hair covered, definitely use them. That is going to be the most difficult part! My sister actually just finished hair school, so she came over to help me!

First we mixed a little bit (not the whole bottle) of the Manic Panic Electric Amethyst color with a whole bottle of Pantene white conditioner. This is because I didn’t want the color to be as vibrant as it is on it’s own, so we diluted it with a white conditioner. However, I found out later from my previous hairstylist that if I wanted the color to stick better I needed to use Manic Panic’s white hair color instead of conditioner. I had noticed after dying that even though my hair was WHITE blonde it wasn’t sticking to some of the pieces. She told me this is because the conditioner acts as a barrier between your hair and the color. So from now on I will definitely do that.

After mixing the color with the white conditioner to the desired color I wanted, we did a strand test. Just to make sure the color was what I wanted once it was on my hair and processing. It was! So we continued on to do the rest of my hair. Let it sit for 30 min, then I just rinsed it with FREEZING COLD water and without shampoo so I wouldn’t immediately loose color. Easy peasy!

The first two pictures are from dying the first time! It turned out to be such a beautiful purple! The third picture is after I washed one time, and the last picture is after I dyed it a second time. After a week of having my hair dyed I decided to touch it up on my own, because like I said, since I mixed with conditioner instead of a white “color” it didn’t stick as well to all of my pieces. I also plan on getting Overtone to keep my hair fresh when I wash it. That was another suggestion from my wonderful previous hairstylist Sydney. She knows her stuff when it comes to Unicorn colors! Once I purchase it I will do an update for you guys to let you know how it works!

So there you have it! Now you have zero excuses to not be a unicorn! Seriously though, every time I do my hair a funky color I always have people online and in person telling me they wish they could do it. BUT YOU CAN!!!! And you should!

Colorful in Neverland,

Whitney Paige










Sweater: Nasty Gal
Shirt: Nasty Gal
Hat: Nasty Gal
Sunglasses: Nasty Gal
Shoes: Nasty Gal
Purse: Kate Spade

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am completely obsessed with Nasty Gal. I didn’t even notice until we were done shooting that I was basically a walking Nasty Gal billboard. But hey, I’d be happy if my whole closet was purchased there, because it’s just that good. I’ve been taking it back to the 90′s recently. I’m just in love with everything about it. The colors, the clothes, the music and movies. They just don’t make certain things like they used to. So i’m throwing it back, ya dig? I’ve never really been the person to stick with the current decade. Be you, and do what ya do! We can be weirdos together! Hope you guys have a great week. We had to say goodbye to the weekend far too soon.

Clueless in Neverland,

Whitney Paige

Baby Spice






Coat: Nasty Gal
Shoes: Nasty Gal
Purse: Kate Spade

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want! This Jacket, that’s what. Well, now it’s mine. This was one of the many amazing Christmas gifts I got this year. Along with the shoes. Both From Nasty Gal. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how bomb Nasty Gal is? Seriously, I am never let down by them. Every time I go to their site I ALWAYS find something I love. And they feed into my 90s Baby Spice obsession, so that’s cool too. I don’t think I know one person who didn’t love Baby Spice, or just the Spice Girls in general. I mean, GIRL POWER. Who wishes they would reunite for a reunion tour?! I would die! Anyway, don’t be afraid to let your 90s fangirl out every once in a while. People may look at you weird, like they did me when I walked around in this getup, but I refuse to let the 90s go.

Girl Power in Neverland,

Whitney Paige

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